Hodgepoge Nova Scotia Soup

Hodgepoge Nova Scotia Soup

This is a yummy soup. A staple of Nova Scotia Canada. 

Boil a pot of water (be generous above the veggies like chicken soup)

Add baby carrots. Tradition is new carrots. I also use any carrots I have on hand cut small.

Add potatoes. Tradition is new potatoes. I use any baby potatoes I have. I cut into 4 smaller pieces. You want bite sizes.

Add string or green beans. I cut mine in the pot with scissors. 

Optional add peas. If you want to stray onions would be tasty. 

Throw some pepper in. I like a grinder. Salt. I use our salt blend or french salt to taste. 

I personally stray and add some of our italy seasoning, chop shop and garlic. 

When soft. Pour half the water out. Add milk to replace till the veggies are covered. I put a 1/4 cup of half half in. Boil till all are blended and soft. Serve. 

This is really good with a steak dish. Its also good alone. Easy for left overs. 

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